New Trump Game for Android

With inauguration day coming, here is a fun new Donald Trump game for Android. TRUMPTY DUMPTY’S WALL Get it NOW on Google Play   Little Timmy must make a big gap in the Wall for Trump to fall down and Timmy’s friends to get through into Trumpy Town. Use your memory and quick reflexes to […]


Zen Blocks Puzzle Game for Android

Zen Blocks – New Puzzle Game for Android

Zen Blocks is an addictive colorful free block puzzle game using original game play mechanics. Tap the dots around the sides of the play area to release blocks. Stack color blocks next to others of the same color. Match 4+ colors to remove a group and gain extra moves / time (5+ blocks). Connect in straight lines or […]

New Retro Breakout style Breaker for 2016

Breaker Bricks 76 – New Android Game If you are like me, one of your very first experiences of the Arcades was Atari’s Breakout. I played a cocktail cabinet version with dial controls for the paddle. It was super! This is retro re-imagining of the classic arcade game complete with simulated Plastic Colour Overlay for maximum […]



New Limited Edition ZX Spectrum Cassette Title

A bit of Retro Fun! RRP £2.99 + P&P  LIMITED PRODUCTION RUN…Orders allocated on a first come, first served basis!! Remember when Tapes were king? 1980s right? Well Gazzapper Games are working with Nerd Monkeys and another Game Developer to bring you a collectors Double-Sided Cassette tape / with inlay etc. for Angry Chicky and […]

Xmas Retro Asylum Interview

Had a great chat with Dean Swain of Retro Asylum in their xmas podcast special (starts at 1:22 or so) . We discussed my ZX Spectrum Games Code Club book and how old type-ins from the 80s magazines were largely responsible for getting youngsters into coding. Please share with your friends :)

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Vector Invaders for fans of the Vectrex

Vector Invaders in Space   Shooter fans were calling for another shooter title with faster firing and I thought I would add a little retro style into the mix. With that in mind I had the idea to create a game that looked like it was made on the old Vectrex machine. I initially made […]

Nasa Mars Announcement – Water Flows!

Sci Fi Update! Water Flows on Mars! Well it would seem this is huge news! Life may yet be found on Mars! Is it also coincidental that this news is out the same time as The Martian film?! Interest in both is bound to be a peak now due to this announcement. We wait with […]


Beginner Coding for Games

Learn to Code Sinclair BASIC Games Our upcoming book has twenty games to Type-In directly using simple, easy to understand BASIC code – while having fun! Coding does not require you to have vast knowledge and good math skills We will go through coding Flappy Bird, Breakout, Snake, Tetris, Space Invaders and other classics and some […]

Galaxy Storm Promo

Super-charged Galaxian-style shooter with Powerups and Bosses, with great music / sfx and graphics. Tough difficulty and that retro ‘Shmup’ feel


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Super Box Boy

Family-fun platform jumper. Jump through the gaps above and while avoiding drops below by running off screen. Reach the top to release Betty! Levels get harder as you progress! Good Luck!







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