Vector Invaders for fans of the Vectrex

Vector Invaders in Space   Shooter fans were calling for another shooter title with faster firing and I thought I would add a little retro style into the mix. With that in mind I had the idea to create a game that looked like it was made on the old Vectrex machine. I initially made […]

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Nasa Mars Announcement – Water Flows!

Sci Fi Update! Water Flows on Mars! Well it would seem this is huge news! Life may yet be found on Mars! Is it also coincidental that this news is out the same time as The Martian film?! Interest in both is bound to be a peak now due to this announcement. We wait with […]

Beginner Coding for Games

Learn to Code BASIC Games Our upcoming book has twenty games to Type-In directly using simple, easy to understand BASIC code – while having fun! Coding does not require you to have vast knowledge and good math skills We will go through coding Flappy Bird, Breakout, Snake, Tetris, Space Invaders and other classics and some more […]


Arcade title with retro flair!

Galaxy Storm Promo

Super-charged Galaxian-style shooter with Powerups and Bosses, with great music / sfx and graphics. Tough difficulty and that retro ‘Shmup’ feel



Super Box Boy

Family-fun platform jumper. Jump through the gaps above and while avoiding drops below by running off screen. Reach the top to release Betty! Levels get harder as you progress! Good Luck!




Flappy Bird for ZX Spectrum Basic

LEARN TO CODE A SIMPLE FLAPPY BIRD CLONE   If you are looking to start small or just love coding on retro machines you could have a go at typing in a listing to ZX Spectrum or an emulator with zx basic.   I managed to do this in an hour or so but could […]

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New Projects

Welcome to our new site for our Game Development. We love Retro Games and believe they are well suited for mobile apps whether you prefer casual or obsessive gaming. We are going to be releasing continuous updates to our games should their be any issues with functionality and performance. We hope you support our efforts […]