Vector Invaders for fans of the Vectrex

Vector Invaders in Space


Vectrex machine
Vectrex Machine

Shooter fans were calling for another shooter title with faster firing and I thought I would add a little retro style into the mix. With that in mind I had the idea to create a game that looked like it was made on the old Vectrex machine.

I initially made it a single colour game but hoping to add overlay options later on in future updates. These overlays will work like the overlays from the old Vectrex machine which were placed directly on the display screen to enhance the game colours and looks.

For TV atari screen visuals there is the CRT Scanlines option. Disable if you wish – I myself like the ghostly effect it casts within the game.

If your a retro Space Invader fan then get yourself a FREE copy of our game over on Google Playstore






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